Andrew’s 2013 In Review and 2014 Aspirations

A lot of my friends have bid farewell to 2013 with anger and obscene hand gestures. It was, in all, a productive year for me.

I lost almost 45 more pounds.

I started wearing an earring in my left ear again, then pierced my right ear. I could write a small blog post on why, but I wear a blue stone in the left and a red stone in the right. I’m deaf in the “red” ear.

I regularly performed magic for both the Hell & Back Cabaret and Mr. Morbid’s show at The Institution Theater.

I started an improv troupe: Candy Vampires

Maybe my favorite part: I made a lot of wonderful friends and grew closer to great friends from 2012.

So while I’m still needing to get a lot done, I got a lot done.

2014 Ahead.

I want to have at least 50 new blog entries on this blog. I’m posting a lot less to Facebook, Twitter, and such. The better thoughts can be absorbed and collected here.

There are things I want to do with Dark Arcanum but never got around to.

I want to audition for more shows, and hopefully be in one. I started a troupe and I performed magic in regular shows, but I want to be a cast member somewhere.

I’ve been lax in my weight loss efforts, hovering between 18 and 23 pounds of my final goal. To be fair, the nearly 70 pounds lost to date have done a LOT of good. The rest are, at this point, cosmetic. I want to be vain.  


Andrew is a web developer by day.He has played drums nearly all his life, creates music whenever possible, and plays too many video games.
He has worked as a level designer for a small online video game, as the grim reaper in a haunted house, and traded web design for concert tickets and tattoos.He can be sometimes found performing improvised comedy or stage magic in the south side of Austin, Texas.

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