Right Ear: Red, Left Ear: Blue.

I wear a sapphire stud earring in my left ear. There is a matching garnet stud earring in my right.  There are a few reasons for this.

I was performing magic in the Hell and Back Cabaret. I had already been wanting to pierce my right ear.  My left had been pierced for just over twenty years, and a test with an old zirconium stud let me know it had not grown over.  So, I pierced the right ear and wore matching silver starter studs to perform for the cabaret.

Incidentally, I have performed with a cabaret show.

So, why one red and one blue?

My right ear is totally deaf. It’s easier to say, “Don’t talk in the red one.”

Red and blue are reminiscent of anaglyph 3D glasses. (Those are typically red and cyan. It’s still fun to do.)

Red and blue are also the most typical colors the backs of playing cards. As a sometimes performing magician, this kind of fits.

Garnet and sapphire are supposed to have healing qualities. I don’t necessarily believe in those things. I do appreciate the symbols. Garnet is also my birth stone.

Yes. There are five reasons to wear the earrings. Theatrical, practical, whimsical, magical, esoterical. I would not have done it for any one reason alone.


Andrew is a web developer by day.He has played drums nearly all his life, creates music whenever possible, and plays too many video games.
He has worked as a level designer for a small online video game, as the grim reaper in a haunted house, and traded web design for concert tickets and tattoos.He can be sometimes found performing improvised comedy or stage magic in the south side of Austin, Texas.

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