Weight Loss Confession

Sunday night was the last show of the third “season” of Thinning the Herd. I have been to all but their very first show. In the very first season. (I WAS outside the theater, waiting for the first Rubber Room to start.)

The cast asked me to play a brief game with them. The theater owner, Tom Booker, asked me how much I’ve lost playing at home. Tom was the “winner” of the first season. He has been in Thinning the Herd all three seasons. I was on stage with an audience watching. You don’t really get to say “no” or clam up when doing this kind of thing.

“About sixty eight pounds.”


It’s true.

I had a hard time believing it. I even plugged the numbers into Microsoft’s calculator program before repeating it here. 235 – 167 = 68. Truthfully, the scale has said 166.6 the last two times I touched it. Bwahahahaha.  (For reference, I posted about  my weight loss goals last year.)

68.4 pounds. I plan to reach 150 pounds for two reasons. I want to reach that weight for the sheer joy of seeing what it’s like. I also want to give myself a little room to rebound while I try to switch to a maintenance diet instead of a weight loss diet.

That final change might be difficult. I’m actually eating things I love on this diet. Of course, I might also feel inclined to eat the kind of foods that put me up to 235 to begin with.

One thing that Heidi Caldwell said repeatedly last night was true. It was the secret behind all of the “things” I did. Heidi said that you need to love yourself.

I can’t thank my friends enough for showing me that it was possible to feel that way about myself. I can’t tell them enough that not only do they need to love themselves, but they deserve to. Every one of you.


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