Working from Home

This home office thing is great!

No interruptions from phones.  I don’t have my concentration broken by lengthy conversations about who is about to run what errand.  Crawling out of bed to make coffee fifteen minutes before the day starts is pretty alright.

The best part is being told by my employers to put all my focus on the things they originally hired me to do.  I’m learning new faster than I have in years.  I’m getting work done much more quickly than I used to.  I’m happier.  I’m in that sweet, wonderful place where I get focused on the job at hand and lose hours doing it.

I used to think would get too distracted to work in a home office environment.  It’s kind of the opposite.  The “office” is in another room with a work computer and two paintings hanging up.  I get so distracted by work that tasks such as “refill my water” go forgotten.

For as much as I’m enjoying the quiet, the education, and the achievements, I’ve also been hanging out more at Starbucks.  I’ve been tempted to beg my friends for attention on Facebook, and not even lie about it.  “Guys my job is done is anyone on Skype can I buy you coffee or you know what would be awesome I’m really good at brushing hair I’ll totally just say nice things about you for five minutes straight without taking a breath I really want be around people right now and you’re people and you’re people I like.”

This is probably nothing new to most people who have also set up a home office.  It’s mostly a really good feeling.

But guys, my job is done so I’m going to take a long walk in the sun then drive to Starbucks.


Andrew is a web developer by day.He has played drums nearly all his life, creates music whenever possible, and plays too many video games.
He has worked as a level designer for a small online video game, as the grim reaper in a haunted house, and traded web design for concert tickets and tattoos.He can be sometimes found performing improvised comedy or stage magic in the south side of Austin, Texas.

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