Weight Loss Confession

Sunday night was the last show of the third “season” of Thinning the Herd. I have been to all but their very first show. In the very first season. (I WAS outside the theater, waiting for the first Rubber Room to start.)

The cast asked me to play a brief game with them. The theater owner, Tom Booker, asked me how much I’ve lost playing at home. Tom was the “winner” of the first season. He has been in Thinning the Herd all three seasons. I was on stage with an audience watching. You don’t really get to say “no” or clam up when doing this kind of thing.

“About sixty eight pounds.”
Coming to terms with the number 68

Weight Loss Goals

I’ve lost about 37 pounds since roughly March of 2012.   If you believe that the BMI charts are set in stone, then I have another 36 pounds to go before I’m in the healthy range.  However, I have about 7 pounds to go before I can shake the “obese” label.


I want to lose weight.

According to the BMI chart and mathematics, I should weigh no more than 161 pounds.  As much as I hope to some day actually hit 160 again, my long term goal is to stay at or below 170 pounds.  If I can enjoy life in the 150-160 range then that would also be very awesome.  170 is my ceiling.

The thing is, I’ve started making goals: Continue reading “Weight Loss Goals”

I’m Still Not Cutting My Hair

I’m keeping my long locks.
I’m sitting on my hair right now. An old friend asked if I would consider donating to Locks of Love. A new friend challenged me to cut it in order to make something new. I admire both of them and am glad they brought up the question, even while I make the decision to keep this part of myself.
Let’s start with how it got this long. It’s really long.

Nightly Update: On The Wheel, A Haunted House

I’m in one of those moods when I want to keep harassing Facebook with updates.  Instead, I’ll consolidate into this one post.

I’m writing for the Dark Arcanum Podcast again.  I wanted a haunted house.  This seems like a good start:

Haunted House image


It may need to be toyed with a little.  I don’t want it to appear completely cartoon-like.

Twenty two more minutes on the exercise bike with the bloody headphones.  My ankles seem to be taking it better.

The office is quiet for the next couple of weeks, so I’m catching up on the Robert Jordan audiobooks.  Wow.  I think at one point, a three and a half hour stretch of audiobook actually covered two hours of events in the story.  But, this is why I’m taking advantage of the fact that someone else read it for me.

My formal night ended by giving a tarot reading.

A Tip of My Hat to Black Bert

Black Bert, an Austin Texas Magician is launching a new site, and I wanted to help him get the word out. I have seen him perform magic for large audiences from the stage and up close from across a small table.

The guy is great at what he does.

If anyone in Austin is looking to hire a local magician or even just see a video of one in action then please check out Black Bert’s site.

Only Because I Can

I’m posting this from a Wii video game system. Why not? Granted, the WYSIWYG editor refuses to work. I’m cool with that. I know my way around (x)html enough to not break my site.