Nail Care

Today marks nine consecutive days without biting my nails.  This is a new record.

This really hit home to me during a recent meeting, when my finger nails were chewed short and the cuticles were shredded all apart.  That would no longer do.

What follows is just a little self-congratulation.  Most of the worst is showing considerable improvement.  My wife is offering me a manicure once everything has grown out well enough.

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Today Was Film Geek Day

A filmmaker in Detroit asked me to put together some “interview yourself” footage, as I can’t actually make it to Michigan to let them do it.

I just finished filming everything, and will send this to them tomorrow afternoon.

The last two days have been the kind of thrill ride that makes life wonderful.  Long, long days, big projects ahead, big ones behind, and wonderful times.

I could say what an awesome day I had.

But I really shouldn’t.

I can only say that it was an awesome day and that I’m glad to have faced one fear.  The things I saw today were incredible.

This is why I love Halloween, on that note.  And a lot of horror movies.  The people who face their fears live to tell the tale.  I think that with every possible consideration of the word live, this is accurate.

Feeling Happy With the Layout

My layout is pretty well where I want it,  and not bad for having been worked on in 16 hours, with 8 hours sleep in the middle.

Now it’s time to – in any order – make stew and take a shower.

Later I will take pictures.  I would also have an interview to videotape, if I had remembered to actually buy any tapes.  The pictures will come here.  The video will go to Detroit.

I think the stew will come first.

The New Blog

I have honestly been meaning to set this up for some time.

This is being typed at nearly 1am, after the first three hours or so of honest work have gone into the blog.  It looks like hell right now, with an ugly blue image on the top of the page that says “Spacer.”

So here’s where I am right now.  A year ago I was freelancing in a job that worked me hard, tore into every weakness I had, and taught me a lot about myself.  I loved it.  I miss it.

Now I’m working on several projects at once.

  • I want to be a published fantasy author.  By 2010, I will either make this happen or make a life-sized paper maché building-stomping monster out of my rejection letters.
  • I am self-publishing a fantasy fiction podcast.  I feel as though I wrote up some characters that I would like to know more about, but did not do so well writing a story I would want to read.  This is, of course, why I am self-publishing the podcast.  I wanted to make my mistakes by actually doing something.  This is how I will learn not to just write characters next time.
  • My brother is in Michigan.  We are pushing each other to learn card magic.  It’s getting really interesting.
  • I am working on music which I wish to enter into the Creative Commons on basically an attribution license.  I see so many talented people on YouTube who feel like they need to hide behind well known music.  It saddens me.  I’m working on a solution.
  • I’m trying to make this blog look like it doesn’t suck, so that it lessens the blow of the content.

I am also very tired.  It’s 1am now.  I have not slept more than 6 hours in one night in the last week.  Most have been closer to 4 or 5 hours.  Tomorrow I take some pictures of myself or get the wife to do it.  Then I work on transferring the images off of my laptop to be used on this site.  Tonight I got this thing running, laid out roughly how I want it to be, and made a place for the advertising to run.

The blog can look pretty tomorrow.  It’s bed time right now.